I’m often asked this
question: Why should I hire a trainer? The answer boils down to two simple words:


Our business is motivation.
We will keep you motivated and push you harder
than you than you can push yourself.

When you work out on your own, it’s very easy to get into a
rut, where you say “well, I did those 4 exercises and, let’s see, I’ve been at the gym now
for 30 minutes, that should do it!”

Each OC Fitness 4 Women’s Personal One On One Sessions is
like having a motivating coach pushing you to give your best!

Our programs are so well designed and efficient that it would
not be uncommon for you and I to go through 9-14 different exercises in an hour.

It is not uncommon for my clients to burn 500-700 calories in
an hour. You do that a few times per week, and the fat and weight really starts coming

Your business is accountability.
When you have paid someone to come to your house and
you know they are going to show up, you are there and ready to move into action.

You no longer make the excuses you may have made to yourself
in the past.

This is not true when you belong to a gym. You often have to
try and convince yourself to go to the gym. You may go for awhile on a regular basis, but
after awhile, you will find any excuse not to go.

No so when you have a personal trainer.
You become accountable to the trainer and

The result? You burn an extraordinary amount of calories and
fat during each session, push yourself harder, and as a result, you will see

real, measurable results.