Each OC Fitness 4 Women-home training session is conducted by a
certified, female personal trainer. For best results, we recommend training 2-3 times
per week, but you are always in control of how many sessions you would like to

Here’s What Your
Personal Fitness Program Will Include:

Powerful, and highly personalized one on one
In-Home Personal Training Sessions with a certified and qualified
female personal fitness trainer.
Individualized Strength, Pilates, Cardio, Flexibility, and
Nutrition Program to get you the best possible results in the
shortest amount of time
Before and After Fitness Assessments including
full measurements and body fat composition so you can see yourself
making REAL progress!
E-mail + Phone Coaching to keep you motivated and
make sure you stay on track. If you are going out of town and want
to keep up with your routine-no worries! We will call or email you
with a customized routine for you to work on!
Access to my best kept secrets, articles,
newsletter and e-books on boosting metabolism and increasing your
performance to create winning results!
Real, MEASURABLE Results!

In Your Home: All Sessions Are $55 per session. Packs of 8 sessions or more are just $50/each For 1 Hour. That’s an average of $20-40 less than what the big gyms and private training studios charge!